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    Our company is based on the belief that necessity is the mother of invention.  All of our products were created to meet specific needs when we couldn't find an effective product already on the market. We use the highest quality, safe ingredients  with formulas and recipes passed down through generations, combined with the latest technology and science of plant phytochemicals and their uses.  Our non-toxic bug spray is the only alternative natural insecticide on the market specifically created to be used in the kitchen.  Our Kitchen Bug Powder works faster and more consistently than the competitor, yet it is totally non-toxic if ingested by humans or dogs & cats. (just don't eat it- it won't taste good)


     We stand by our products as the best on the market in each specific category.

Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.  We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. 

    Aunt Norma/ Our Story:


Aunt Normas pantry moth spray"The Pantry Moth Spray was our first product.  It is a safe, natural, effective and non-toxic treatment for the common and annoying kitchen pest that is often brought into the home in grain and pet food products.  I started the line because I had about a zillion of these little buggers flying around my kitchen.  At first, I didn't know what they were, but once I started doing research I realized what I had was a "pantry moth" infestation, but I also realized from my research that people had a terrible time getting rid of them, and that there weren't really any natural or alternative products out there to deal with them (seriously, when I was searching the intranet and chat rooms for a solution, there were stories of people who had actually MOVED because they couldn't get rid of their pantry moth infestation!)

     I also have a tiny little precious chihuahua, who due to a liver issue, cannot be exposed to chemical toxins, so hiring an exterminator was out of the question. Besides, I always thought it was kind of nuts to spray bug-killing chemicals around your food and food preparation surfaces in the kitchen! I couldn't find any non-toxic bug spray in  the market, and I knew that there had to be a better way, and I have always managed to come up with natural alternatives to everything from a sore throat to getting a stain out of the tablecloth.  Nature provides us with everything we need, and often the results are better!  

non-toxic Bug SprayAs the saying goes, "Necessity is the mother of invention", so I decided that if I was going to go to all the trouble to clean out my pantry and throw away hundreds of dollars of food, I wanted to be able to treat the area so that I would only have to do this ONCE... I experimented with an essential-oil based spray that I mixed up in the kitchen, used it on the moth problem, and after a few days I noticed that I didn't see any moths around the food or in the spray was WORKING!!!!  The thought occurred to me that surely there were other people looking for a natural way to treat kitchen pests.  After doing some research into ingredients and EPA Bio Pesticide regulations, I decided that maybe I could turn this into a business!   With only a small initial investment, I was able to launch a product line that now has become a full-time job for me- something I am truly grateful's amazing that some of our trials in life can be such a blessing in disguise.  

My product continues to evolve, and I have recently added new products as I think there is a real need for more natural solutions to life's everyday problems.  I know for myself and my family, I am always looking for ways to use alternative and healthy remedies.  I pride myself on Aunt Norma's customer service, and try to personally answer the questions that come in.  People really need a resource to turn to when they are dealing with a problem out of their frame of reference.  There are few things more nerve-rattling than bugs in your food!  You wouldn't believe how a few tiny little pantry moths can make a person come unhinged!"