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Non-Toxic Bug Spray

     Aunt Norma's is committed to natural solutions to control kitchen and household pests.  We believe that it is important to use products in the home- especially around food- that you can trust to be safe and effective. Aunt Norma's products are Non-toxic, Biodegradable, Phosphate, Petrochemical, & Sulfate free; and are safe to use around food and most pets.*  Unlike traditional pesticides, we use only natural and food-grade ingredients in our non-toxic bug spray.  The scents are essential-oil based, so there will be no harsh chemical smell around your home.   We have several non-toxic bug spray products as well as some innovative residue products- check out the many uses of our "Bug Powder". 

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Kitchen Bug Spray
32 oz. Sprayer/2 oz. concentrate Repels and kills common kitchen pests including Roaches, Ants, Flies, & Silverfish. Safe and effective, with long-lasting protection & fresh herbal scent.
Price: $22.00

Kitchen Bug Spray Refill
2 oz. Concentrate Refill- save money and waste- Return customers only... Makes 32 ozs. mixed
Price: $18.50

Non-Toxic Bug Powder
4 oz. Natural, non-toxic, food-grade powder repels common household insects including ants, roaches, silverfish, weevils...kills within 24 hours of contact. Safe to use around food, children, & most pets.*
Price: $12.95

Kitchen Bug Kit
32 oz. sprayer/ 2 oz. Kitchen Bug Spray concentrate, 4 oz. Natural Bug Powder...everything you need to safely get rid of pests in your kitchen.
Price: $32.95

Go away! Spider Spray
32 oz sprayer/ 2 oz concentrate Great- smelling, effective and long-lasting! Use this spray anywhere you want to deter spiders: drawers, corners, shoes... Prevents nesting and webbing- kills spiders and eggs.
Price: $22.00

Go away! Spider Spray Refill
2 oz. concentrate- Save money and waste- refill your sprayer with our concentrate- mixes to 32 ozs. Return Customers only...
Price: $18.95

Go away! Spider Powder
4 oz. Repels and kill spiders; prevents nesting and webbing. Spray anywhere you DON'T want spiders! Deters spiders and kills within 24 hours.
Price: $12.95

Go away! Spider Spray Kit
Everything you need to get rid of spiders: 32 oz sprayer/ 2 oz Spider Spray concentrate, 4 oz Spider Powder
Price: $32.95