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Aunt Norma's Pantry moth spray will get rid of pantry moths


"Aunt Norma- thank you so much for your lovely products!  The Non-toxic bug spray for the kitchen and the bug powder have been truly amazing... it's thte only thing that has gotten rid of these stupid ants- I've tried everything!" LOVE IT!"

Jen in OK

"OMG I thought I was going to have to live with these hideous creatures forever... thank you for taking the time to talk me down, and thank you for the product.. it works like mad!" 

Trudy in DE


"Thank you again so much for your advice and help! You have a fantastic product, and your customer service is excellent to boot. There need to be more folks like you in the business world!

M in NY


“This moth spray really works!  I have been dealing with pantry moths for months and nothing seemed to help.  Thank you!”

Jan in VA


“It's hard to find a safe and non toxic bug repellent that you can use in the kitchen.  Aunt Norma's Pantry Moth Spray was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – I keep a bottle near my pantry at all times!”

Kris in CA


"Thank you for making this moth spray- I hate killing pantry moths and didn't want to have the exterminator spray- am afraid of the chemicals near my food and the pros charge a ton to come to your home."

Lynn, Los Angeles


"This is a truly unique product- it is the only thing that has even touched my moth problem!!"

Susie in MI


"Aunt Norma has GREAT customer service and gives really helpful advice... I felt like I was bothering her with all my questions, but she spent a lot of time helping me and basically calming me down.  Thanks again!"

Barbara from TX